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rtillery is a publication offering critical reviews of contemporary art. "The only art magazine that's fun to read"

Excerpt... Artillery is a fresh, smart magazine that captures the verve and vitality of the contemporary art world. We tend toward the provocative, with readable articles, skipping the academic art jargon that usually leaves readers snoring. Our reviews are critiques, not descriptions. Our profiles are in-depth, not fluff. Our art dish captures the who's who of openings. Artillery knows the buzz that's happening in the galleries and studios. We stick by our guns with "killer text on art."

The Brooklyn Rail is a 501(c)(3), volunteer-run nonprofit journal, offering perspectives on art, politics, and culture.

Excerpt... The Rail’s real commitment is less to a program than a place, or better yet, to a set of traditions that place represents. We originate from, and declare ourselves to be in some way representative of, Brooklyn, and so we must pay homage to a more than estimable literary heritage. And often, though not always, that tradition has been sparked by unlikely matches of aesthetics and politics. Whitman was an anti-slavery newspaper editor as he began to chant democratically, and Marianne Moore, modernist that she was, eventually wrote odes to Muhammad Ali. - Theodore Hamm, Editor.

The Yellow Rake began in January 2004 in a booze-soaked backroom by a group of ragtag, activist writers who lamented the impending death of the punk rock zine. In typical DIY punk fashion, the group wrote, drew, and decorated the hand-folded, hand stapled publication and distributed it themselves via their own bicycles. Seventeen issues and countless articles, comics, and reviews later, The Yellow Rake still forges ahead in its literary struggle against intolerance, pettiness, and other human stupidities.
“ We basically set out to write against all the wrongs in the world,” says Brian Polk, head writer and editor in chief of the zine. “And we knew we had to do it ourselves since no one else was going to publish what we wanted to write.”

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