Jason Flores-Williams

Jason Flores-Williams, novelist and journalist, was the political writer for High Times magazine during the Republican National Convention. The Last Stand of Mr. America, his third novel, is published by Canongate in the UK, Grove in the US, and in digital versions by Nobody Rocks Press. His first play, The Dinner Party, was published in 2007 in Post Road magazine. He is a frequent contributor to the Brooklyn Rail and has been featured on CNN, NPR, The New York Times, and the Village Voice.


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I want to honor this sacred hall of resistance by rallying the troops against the gentrifying herd turning NYC into a corporate theme park. But there are no troops to rally. And if there were troops, we’d have to attack ourselves. Because when you get past the hipster packaging, we’re just yuppies without the cash.

Going to Burning Man, masturbating to anime, reading ’zines and voting Democrat doesn’t make you different from Todd, Ashley and their future banker in the baby stroller. Looking radical but being apathetic makes you a poseur. Doing art for commerce makes you a sellout. And acting smug and pretentious about cultural bullshit makes you an asshole.

You think it matters to a Dominican which version of Whitey moves into the ’hood? Why should anybody fucking care that you can’t afford an apartment in the city? What have you done to make anyone give a shit that you lost your apartment to a stockbroker or your favorite cafe got replaced by a 7-11?

Hipsters are to gentrification what fluffers are to the porn biz: we get the area ready for the big pricks to come in and blow their load. We make everything cute and furry. Our communities, our culture, our country and our world is being exterminated and what’s been our response? Read the full article...

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